Monday, May 10, 2004

Famly Falls 2004

So I get a call form Ryan saying that Todd and him had read about a series of eight little known water falls. The had been discovered by a man named Maynard Drawson and rediscovered by Tom Kloster with the help of Maynard's accounts from his initial discovery. With little convincing I was ready for an adventure.

The adventure started with a short hike up the trail to Henline Falls 90ft. Henline Falls is the location of the abandoned Silver King Mine. The mine shaft was cut about 1700ft deep into solid rock at the base of Henline Falls

The entrance of the Silver King Mine.

After poking around the base of Henline Falls and the Silver King Mine we scrambled our way above Henline Falls.

Ryan and Todd looking across the valley from the top of "Henline Falls" 90ft.

Making our way up Henline Creek

"Jerry Falls" 79ft

"Mark Falls" 29ft with "Dan Falls" 58ft in the background

Ryan Approaching "Dan Falls" 58ft

"Ron Falls" 37ft

To get above "Ron Falls" we traversed around on river right to find "Maynard's Cave". "Maynard's Cave" is a hole through the cliff that you have to crawl through or you can skirt your way around the outside edge to the other side. I wish that I would have gotten a picture of this interesting feature, maybe next time.

"Dave Falls" 40ft

"Deanna's Slide" 12ft

"Jackie Falls" 23ft

"Steve Falls" 55ft

This adventure is not for the faint at heart, as it is a bushwhack and scramble and you will get wet as you navigate your way back and fourth across the creek. This is a beautiful area and I would like to go back some time with the hopes of maybe a higher water flow.

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