Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July hike 2007

I got a call fromRyan saying that the Rooster Rock meadow in the Table Rock Wilderness was in full bloom. I met Ryan, Danielle, and Todd around 7:30am and we headed up the river. Ryan had been up to the meadow the week before and wanted to get back for some better pictures of some of the interesting plant life in the area.

I find it amazing, the things you find that you never new existed, things that you have walked by hundreds of times. As soon as someone points them out, you start to notice them more. The plants that Ryan pointed out are plants that survive without chlorophyll. If you remember back in school, chlorophyll is what makes plants green and is needed by plants to absorb what they need from the sun. These interesting plants instead, bond to a fungi that in turn coat the rootlets of a host trees that provide the energy from the sun. Enough about the science lessen and on with some more pics

Pterospora andromedea - Heath Family
This was the first one Ryan pointed out

Next Ryan pointed out one of the most interesting plants I have ever seen

Allotropa vigata
Can you guess how it got its name?....

We also seen lots of 'Western Coralroot' and 'Spotted Coralroot'

Coral Root, Western

Coral Root, Spotted
Corallarhiza maculata - Orchid Family

The four plants above all grow with out producing their own chlorophyll. I find this very interesting. I have most likely hiked past and trampled over these plants 100's of times and never knew they where even there. Now that they’ve have been pointed out to me. I notice them along the trails more and more.

Xerophyllum tenax - Lily Family

Gilia, Bluefield
Gilia capitata - Phlox Family

Inside-out Flower
Vancouveria hexandra - Barberry Family

Delphinium menziesii - Buttercup Family

Lily, Cascade Mariposa
Calochortus subalpinus - Lily Family

Lupine, Kinkaid's
Lupinus sulphureus ssp. kincaidii - Pea Family

Polemonium, Royal
Polemonium carneum - Phlox Family

Queen's Cup
Clintonia uniflora - Lily Family

Rose, Nootka
Rosa nutkana - Rose Family

Archillea millefolium - Sunflower Family

I hope I got the names right for the flowers. Finding the names of flowers is not easy. There are so many different varieties and many of them only have a slight difference in color or shape. Anyway I gave it a shot with a bit of info I got from Ryanand browsing for info I Finally just got tired of trying to identify them all, so here are some more pics without names.

Mt. Jefferson

This was a nice hike to start the 4th of July off with. All the flowers in bloom in the meadow, it was like natures fireworks all around you. Once again another great hike!!

For other details of this adventure and others visit Ryan's blog 'Testing The Waters'
Thanks to and Ryan for names of some the flowers.


Ryan Morgan said...

Good write up and good job on the flowers. But, you might want to think about the mountain again, I'm not sure Mt. Hood would be right. (Mt. Jefferson maybe?)

Who I am?? said...

Good catch Ryan...I thought that was the wrong direction to be Hood, but wasn't thinking.