Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend hike

I got a call from Rob Thanksgiving morning. He was calling to let me know that a few of the guys were going to try hiking Thunder Mountain, a couple miles east of Table Rock. The trail head is around 4300ft elevation with the summit at 5186ft.

Saturday morning I headed out to meet the guys at Hardy creek. I pulled in right behind Rob. Who had Fred, Randy, and Eric piled in his little Toyota pickup. We found Don patiently waiting for us reading his book in the Hardy Creek Parking area. Knowing that we would encounter snow on our way up we(I) opted to leave my little 2 wheel drive pickup there and ride up with Don in his Subaru.

We soon started making our way up into the hills to Thunder Mountain. As we approached the 3300ft level Don got a little concerned about the amount of snow on the road and the possibility of getting stuck along the way, still having about 1000ft more elevation to climb before we would reach the trail head. So we pulled over Talked it over with the other guys and decided it to be best to go back and just hike Table Rock, instead. The Table Rock trail head is at a more easily obtainable elevation of around 3500ft.

Rob and Don making their way up the hill

Don, Eric, and Rob taking a break at the fork

Rooster Rock, across the way

Nearing the top

Eric taking in the view

Don, Rob and Fred checking out the view from a little known vista

As we headed back down the light on the rock really gave it some extra depth and color.

Anyway that's the latest adventure. I thought I should get it posted sense I haven't had anything new and exciting to post for a while. Enjoy!!

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