Monday, April 13, 2009

Yet Another Smith Rock Climbing Adventure

This post is long over due (4 weeks), but finally here it is...

View from the back side

The weather was about as good as anyone could ask for. Blue skies, with temps between 75-85F. We didn't even have to sleep out in the cold at night, thanks to Jodie's boss Friday night and then Tim (Jake's brother) Saturday night.

Getting ready to climb

Jeremy leading 'Dances with Clams'


Greg leading something really long. It took every inch of a 60 meter rope!

Jodie on that really long route.

Jake on 'Moons of Pluto'

Jeremy on 'Moons of Pluto'

Greg chillin in the sun after a good day of climbing.

Some how we were able to find great spots to climb and avoid the massive crowds that were out on this fine weekend. We also discovered that a drive into Bend and $5 we could enjoy a shower and soak in the bath house at McMinimums Old St. Francis School.

Once again, good times had by all.

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