Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rooster Rock Hike 6/7/09

Wendi had just picked up a set of new macro filters for her camera and was looking to try them out. We decided to give Rooster Rock in the Table Rock Wilderness a try. There always seems to be a lot of fun and interesting things to photograph up there. As it turned out it we were still a few weeks early for the flowers to be in bloom (no real surprise), but we still managed to find a few early bloomers and other things to photograph.

Wendi offered to let me play with her camera, which was cool and a lot of fun. On the other hand, this meant that I didn't take many pictures with my own camera, and makes me want a DSLR even more than before.

The following pictures are some of the few that I managed to take with my camera. Enjoy!



We had a great time despite the cool cloudy afternoon. I hope to make it back up here in a few weeks to catch the meadow when it's in full bloom.

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