Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sheep Lake 2005

This trip consisted of myself, Rob, Jimmy, Fred, Randy, and their sons (9 of us total). A little crowded for me, but still a good time. It was a leisurely 3 day trip. We all took off from work early and headed out. It was a 7-8 mile hike into Sheep Lake. It was a nice quiet place except for the fact that there where 9 of us. But other than us there was no one else around. After dinner Rob, Jimmy, Jimmy's son, and myself thought it would be fun to hike up Potato Butte in the dark. We left camp just be for dark armed with our headlamps. It started getting dark about the time we started the climb up Potato Butte.

Sun Set atop Spud Butte

The next morning we hiked around to Twin Peaks. Some how we lost Fred on the way to the the Twin Peaks. Apparently Fred got way ahead of everyone and missed the trail that lead up the butte. Fred finally realized his mistake and found his way back to the group about 20min latter.

Mt Hood

After a bite to eat at the top of the butte we headed back to our camp and kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Olallie Butte

It was kind of nice to spend some time hiking around this area again. I think the last time I was here was back in high school when the cross country team would have running camp near Olallie Lake. We would spend a couple of days camping and run the trails in preparation for the upcoming season. This is a neat area to hike around.

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