Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mamoloos Creek Exploration and revisit the lower SFof the Clackamas 2005

Ryan, Todd and I had explored the South Fork of the Clackamas a few months earlier, but were unable to really get in and get a good look of the 120ft falls. Running short on day light we also didn't get a chance to see the 50ft falls down stream from the 120ft falls. Ryan and I wanted to go back and get a better look at the 120ft falls and check out the 50ft falls that we had missed. Ryan also wanted to check out Mamoloos Creek to see if it was something that could be kayaked.

This time the plan was to take our kayaks, fairy across the Clackamas River near the confluence and hike up the creek. After a short paddle across the Clackamas we ditched our boats up in the brush out of site of anyone on the river. As we were looking for a good spot to hide the boats we noticed an interesting site. It was an old fire hydrant in the bushes.

The hydrant appeared to be a remnant of the old water project for Oregon City and West Linn. You could see what was once an access road for the hydro project now being overgrown almost unrecognizable as a road.

We made our way up stream on Mamoloos Creek the first water fall we had passed by during our first trip on our way out. This one is a two teared water fall. The upper drop we guess to be about 20-30ft and the second drop looked to be about 40ft. The only view that we could get of the upper drop was from the horizon line.

You can kinda see how steep and narrow the canyon is here making it extremely difficult to get in and see the upper drop.

The lower drop

Continuing up Mamoloos Creek, we found a few small 8-12ft falls/slides.

On the way back we took a detour up to revisit the 120ft falls and check out the 50ft falls that we missed the first trip.

This time we were able to get to the base of the falls

The 50 footer

This was a good trip with lots of interesting things to check out. As for the Mamoloos Creek being kayakable.... the creek was so chocked with wood it would not really be possible.

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