Monday, July 2, 2007

Camping with the family 2007

I spent the last weekend car camping at Clay Creek with my parents and some close family friends. No sooner than we get camp setup and the down pours started. I don't know what it is about car camping but it seems like it always has to rain. While we sat around in the rain waiting for the others to arrive dad was trying to come up with an excuse to pack up and go home where it was warm and dry. Before he could find an excuse Bill and Teresa showed up. The rain slowly tapered off. Soon Megan and Derick and Derick's parents arrived.

For the most part it was a pretty lazy weekend. We played cards, dominoes and just chit-chatted around the fire. Bill read a couple of short stories from Patrick McManus that had us rolling on the ground in laughter.

The next day the weather was slightly better. Dad and Bill stayed around camp and worked on smoking the chicken for dinner while the rest of us went for a short 2 mile hike. After the hike we came back and relaxed around the fire, played some more cards, and relaxed some more.

the bunch of us on our walk/hike up the ridge

Mom, the dog, and me at the top of the ridge.

Day three we packed up camp and headed our separate ways. Megan, Derick, Mom and I planed to go hike into Kentucky Falls. Everyone else had to get home for one reason or another. So we drove up the long steep gravel road to Kentucky Falls. I wasn't sure if my pour little pickup was going to make it, but thankfully it did. The hike was a nice 4 miles.

Upper Kentucky Falls

Mom and me at upper Kentucky falls

Derick at the base of upper Kentucky Falls

Myself at the base of lower Kentucky Falls

North Fork Falls on the North Fork Smith River

North Fork Falls on the left lower Kentucky Falls on the right

On our way home we stopped and got a couple of pics from the top of the ridge overlooking the valley.

Looking East

Looking West

It was a good weekend other than the bit of rain. Getting away from everything and visiting with family and friends for a few days is always nice.


Ryan Morgan said...

Nice shot of the lilly. Looks like you might have got an uncommon Wiggin's lilly.

theresa g. said...

That was a fun trip, Dan! I think you should call Derick & Megan and plan some more hiking trips. They would enjoy it--and you'd have fun playing cards around the campfire again!