Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Family Falls 2007

We finally made it back to Family Falls for another visit. The plan was to go back and get some better pictures of the falls and of "Maynard's Cave". The last time we were here was back in 2004.

We wanted to get an early start so we would have some good lighting for pictures. Everyone (Ryan, Todd, Scott, and of course me) met at my place about 7am and we headed out.

As we headed up the trail I gabbed a few pictures of some of the many flowers that were in bloom.

We soon reached Henline Falls.

Henline Falls

We then began the scramble up the steep "trail" to reach the top of Henline Falls.

Scotty, Ryan, and Todd looking out over the vally.

View from the top of Henline Falls.

Jerry Falls

Mark Falls with Dan Falls in the background

Dan Falls

Ron Falls

Todd and Scotty crawling through Maynard's Cave

Ryan coming out the other side of Maynard's Cave

We started loosing the low angle light of the morning so most of the rest of the trip our photos got a little washes out from the sun.

Dave Falls

Deanna's Slide

Jackie Falls

Ryan and Todd decided to take a sketchy short cut, strait up the slot of Jackie falls. Ryan had climbed Jackie falls the last time we had been here.

Ryan 3/4 up the falls, telling how to get up there

"Hey Ryan, don't forget those rocks are SLIPPERY WHEN WET!!!!!!!"

As Ryan slips and almost falls. (NOT COOL!!!)

After looking and feeling out short cut, Scotty and I opted for the slightly safer traverse along the canyon wall.

Steve Falls

After making our way above Steve Falls, we began the steep scramble up out of the canyon. Near the ridge we encountered the trail that wood bring us back to where we began our adventure. Once again we had a great time exploring nature in the northwest.

Ryan has also posted about our trip here on his blog as well.

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