Monday, May 21, 2007

May 2007 Table Rock - Rooster Rock Hike

Scotty and I headed up to Table Rock and Rooster Rock to put a few miles under our boots. We left my place around 9:30am arriving at the trail head around 10:30am. We were unsure about what the weather would do. Things were damp from rain the night before and the skies were dark and overcast.

We decided that we would hike the whole trail and not take the short cut. I hadn't hiked the whole Table Rock trail in years. It was kinda nice to see that section of trail again. The boulder field was still covered in snow.

Scotty navigating the boulder field after the snow crossing.

After a quick snack at the fork in the trail, we continued on to Rooster Rock

Rooster Rock looking back at Table Rock

Scotty resting atop Rooster Rock

By this time the sun started breaking through the clouds every now and then. It was nice to see the flowers had just started to bloom and give things some color.


Bleeding Hearts


Indian Paintbrush

All in all we had a good hike. roughly about 10 miles. I think it pushed Scotty's limits a little bit, but he made it. To tell the truth I felt great during the hike, after getting home I could feel the muscles in my legs tightening up. It felt good to get back out on the trails again. Until my next adventure....

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