Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter At Smith Rock 2007

So I spent easter at Smith Rock with my sister Jodie, her husband Jeremy, and their dog Max. Jodie and Jeremy met me at my place after work Friday evening. I grabbed my gear and we hit the road. We got to the campground around 10:30pm and had to find our campsite. We drove around the loop looking for Graig's car (a friend of Jodie and Jeremy). In a campground full of climbers there you can be assured that there will be many silver Subaru's. We pulled into a site that Jodie and Jeremy thought one of the cars looked like Graig's car, but no one was around and we thought that there were too many cars that they didn't recognize. We kept looking with no success so we went back to the site that we stopped at the first time to see if any one was around. This time there was someone sitting in their pickup. Jeremy thought the pickup might belong to someone he knew. Sure enough this was it, there were just a lot more people that showed up. Everyone had gone to bed or had wandered away from camp the first time we came around. We set up camp in the dark and BSed with the people who where still up for a bit before we hit the hay.

Saturday when we got up things were a bit damp as it had rained a bit during the night. After breakfast the rain had subsided and it looked like we might be able to get some climbing in. So after a quick run to town for a new leash for Max after he chewed through the first one we headed to the rock. We found Graig and "Number 2"(the other Graig) and Darrel (all friends of Jodie and Jeremy's) setting up a couple of routes. No more than finishing setting the routes and it started to rain and didn't look like it was going to let up any time soon. Graig and Darrel switched routes and cleaned them in the rain. We decided to head in to Bend to get some coffee and try and dry out a bit. It finally quit raining so we went to the park to let Max run around a bit and we could eat our lunch. After driving around a bit we went back to camp. Most everyone had gone home after getting rained out. There was a runaway tent that blew through camp, so we staked it down and waited for someone looking for a stray tent.

We got up Sunday morning to blue skies so after a bite to eat we packed up camp and headed for the rock. It was Easter Sunday and Jodie and Jeremy new there was a climb called "Bunny Face" that was within our skill level. This was the first time I have done any real climbing outdoors, I have been climbing in the gym a couple of times a week off and on for the last two years. This was my first chance to climb outdoors.

A classic climbers butt shot picture of me on "Bunny Face"

The route in Red is "Bunny Face 5.7" our first climb of the day. The route in Pink I think is called "Ancylostoma 5.9" was our second climb

Another Butt shot of me climbing another route.

For some reason all the pictures that I have are of my ass climbing, but anyway. Other than some rain on Saturday we all had a great time. I hope to get a chance to do it again soon.

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Ryan said...

Glad to see you finally outside on some real rock.