Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mom's B-day Weekend Adventure (Part 2)

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....We (I) got up a little late (about 9am). The sun was already heating up my tent. Mom had actually been up for quite some time (5:30am or something crazy like that). She was kind enough to let me sleep. After making some breakfast we got packed up and headed out.

Making breakfast. (I'm still not quite awake yet)

Packing up to move on down the trail.

On the trail back to the car.

After retuning to the car we repacked our packs for another 3.5 mile hike into Sisters Mirror Lake. Driving a few miles down the road the the trail head, where we began the next leg of our adventure.

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The hike into Sisters Mirror Lake was pretty smooth easy going, other than already being worn out from the previous day's summit and already putting in 3 miles to hike out earlier in the morning. When we reached the lake we all just dropped our packs and laid down to rest, before setting up camp.

Jodie napping in the grass.

Sisters Mirror Lake

As the mosquitoes began to get thick, we quickly set up camp and took an afternoon nap while hiding from the pesky mosquitoes. We later fought off the mosquitoes while making and eating dinner.

The next morning the mosquitoes weren't any better. We got breakfast going and worked on getting the morning dew dried off the tents.

Mmmm, Breakfast

The morning dew as we as we got ready to head head back.

The plan was to meet up with my brother (Brian) and his girlfriend (Jen) for lunch in Sunriver when we got back. That plan didn't quit work out. Brian got stuck working a wild fire out of Sisters and couldn't meet us. We went to Sunriver anyway, meeting Jen and enjoying some tasty pizza without him.

It was a good weekend, with some fun challenges. I think both mom and Jodie had a good time as well. Even if it was a long, brutal, and challenging weekend. Good times!!!

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Jodie said...

Excellent picture of "Breakfast in the Morning Dew"! I feel that it really captured the moment. J