Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Minute Smith Trip

With a bit of a last minute persuading and I was on board with heading over for a short weekend of climbing at Smith Rock. It turned out to be great weather and we didn't even have to sleep in the cold. Jodie was able to sweet talk her boss into letting us crash at his house in Madras.

We started out climbing at the Phoenix Wall, were I promptly got my butt kicked. Greg managed to get in a couple of good climbs while at the Phoenix Wall. Jodie wasn't feeling well, so she sat on the sidelines as Greg climbed and I attempted to climb.

When the front side started getting crowded we made our way to the back side over Asterisk Pass.

Jodie, climbing down the back side of Asterisk Pass

We found a few easier climbs on the back side that did not completely kick my butt. Finishing off the day, but not the route. We climbed "Spiderman". Greg was ready to climb the two pitch route, but I was quickly running low on stamina and Jodie still was not feeling up to par. Greg climbed up the first pitch setting up a top belay. I started up behind Greg, making only half way up the pitch before running out of steam. I kinda felt bad to bail on Greg in the middle of the climb. Next time, maybe I'll be in better shape and be able to climb like I was in the spring.

Me climbing "Spiderman"

We headed back, making our way over Asterisk Pass again.

Jodie, climbing back up and over Asterisk Pass.

I was a little disappointed with my climbing abilities this trip, but what can you expect when I haven't been climbing in months. Otherwise it was a good time! Thanks again to Greg for being a great rope gun!

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