Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need to get off my butt...

I've been kinda lazy over the past few weeks...err, months. Not that I don't have the desire to get out and do something. It just seems that between the holidays, the weather, and what ever other excuse you might think of has hindered my ambition to get out and do something active.

This inactivity needs to be brought to an end. I tried going to the climbing gym last night. My enthusiasm quickly dwindled after I arrived, and found the gym was prepping for a climbing comp this weekend. This meant that half the gym was stripped of routs, and the rest of the gym was over crowded with climbers. After a couple of climbs we called it quits. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things again soon. Without the frustrations of driving all the way in to the gym, only to be disappointed.

As another form of potential motivation, I picked myself up a new toy... The Nike+, it's this chip you put in or strap to your shoe. It then talks wirelessly to your ipod, tracking your steps. You might be thinking this just sounds like a geeky pedometer, and you're probably right... But it also acts as a bit of a coach as well. Tracking your progress on an ongoing process by uploading the data gathered at the end of your workout. It also tells you if you are on pace, how far you've gone, and all sorts of cool info on the fly. You can download training programs as well as design your own training program. the Nike+ is really designed for runners, (witch I am not (I have not ran sense high school)) but I'm thinking I can adapt it for hiking and maybe other activities (who knows maybe I'll get back into running?). The other thing I thought was kinda cool about the Nike+ is that you can set up friendly competition with other friends (or strangers for that mater), tracking your progresses online. Motivating one another to get out and get moving. So if you've got a Nike+ or get one, hit me up. Maybe we can get a challenge going...

Well I should get off my butt and do something besides sitting here in fount of the PC.

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Jodie said...

I would challenge you if I had one of those nifty, nerdy things in my shoe! J